I began my own personal growth journey 15 years ago.

When COVID began impacting the world in 2020, I appreciated how “the pause” from the so-called “rat race” created an opportunity for people to explore mindfulness and bring a higher level of consciousness to their lives.

This led to the conceptualization of a company that would provide products and services that would remind people to be mindful.

Over the last few years, I have continued experimenting and certifying in different consciousness-promoting modalities. I am a certified Jungian Life Coach and integrate all these different approaches into my practice.

For ReMindful Living, I have carefully selected and put together the insights, tools and practices that have most impacted me.

I am continuously looking for different ways to integrate mindfulness into my daily life and of helping others do the same. The best way to give back to the universe, as well as my teachers and guides, is by sharing these tools, thus helping people on their own journey to a more mindful life.

-Erika Perez

Creator of Mindful Living